TAVOLINA - Small table in italian. Selfportrait | Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera, Milan


I give support to all Volvo employees, and layout printing materials for presentations, open houses, and workshops, daily standup's and much more.


Our department has large format prints in various materials and also a printer for booklets and folders. The options for print production are therefore pretty much unlimited.


My work is various and creative, and my days can look very different regarding what I do. A big bonus is that I also get to be a part of the impressive transformation happening within the car industry at the moment. I feel proud working in a company focused on safety and sustainability. 

I grew up in a creative environment, helping out with presentations and layout for my father’s architect studio. This made me fall in love with the design process and the intense collaborations it involves. To be passionate about my profession is something I value.


I live my life as much as possible on the sea or nearby. I kitesurf, paddle SUP, I run along the cliffs and I sail, train yoga and just recently bought my first hardtail mountain bike after trying out bicycling in mountain terrain.


My family is large and warm; I'm #4 out of 6 children, a sum depending on that we are both twins and triplets in the family. My sisters and brothers are all a great support and inspiration.


I feel extremely fortunate to share my life in Hjuvik with these stars; my husband Rasmus 44, Albin 7, and Olle, 4 years.


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